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A local furniture store was looking to grow its online branding and increase traffic to their new website. In addition, they needed to turn online customers into in-store customers because of a lack of an e-commerce store on their website. We created an online campaign focused on growing their branding and overall digital media presence. Our plan included programmatic display, social media, SEO, and SEM.


Provaré, along with the company, identified a need to increase their social media presence and reach a younger demographic as their traditional demographic began to age and spend less. This tactic focused on a younger demographic, which opened up a new channel of communication with a new set of customers. After the campaign launched, we worked to maximize the campaign by optimizing keywords, adjusting pacing, and impression capping to extend reach to the target audience. We used Google Analytics to determine the exact goals of the campaigns and used an email opt-in program on their website to drive online interest into in-store sales.


With the first three months, we were able to double the amount of online requests to the website. We increased their online opt-in emails by 48%. The social media campaign increased their average post reach by 28.5% and increased page likes by nine percent. Overall, the store enjoyed a monthly increase of over four percent in sales compared to their previous three-year average.


Overall Sales Increase

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