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One of the nation’s largest food production companies was in need of increasing their weekly applicants. Many locations had as many as 60 available positions in multiple departments. They enlisted our help to utilize new geo-fencing technology and other tactics to track offline conversions and improve their overall advertising performance. The advertiser’s goal was to achieve a high number of geo-fence conversions and increase their overall applicant pool both offline and online applications.


The company identified several competitor employers with large employee pools to reach both passive and active job seekers. We then developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing with conversion zones to target those locations and then measure offline conversions to their plant. After the campaign launched, we worked to maximize the campaign by optimizing keywords, adjusting pacing, and impression capping to extend reach to the target audience. We noticed a need to add social media marketing to the campaign which ended up being the most productive tactic.


For one particular location, we were able to deliver 900 geo-fence conversions (individuals who were served an ad and then visited the plant). The advertiser was also able to record a positive CTR of .12% and ended the campaign because they had more applicants in their “pool” than job openings in the near future.


Geo-Fence Conversions

Campaign Results

.12% CTR

Social Media Success


Conversion (1 Month)

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