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A local one-location credit union was in need of growing its loan inventory and was searching for a way to target a specific demographic that traditionally served as its best target for new loans and re-financing. They enlisted our help to utilize multiple online tactics to create a new creative strategy to launch a programmatic display, social media, SEO, SEM, and review management campaign. The advertiser’s goal was to increase brand awareness of their unique hassle-free loan procedure and to increase their overall loan applicant pool.


Provaré, along with the company, identified a need to focus specifically on the loan service line and not to try to spread tactics and budgets over multiple service lines. A comprehensive strategy to be laser-focused on growing loans was created using multiple online tactics. After the campaign launched, we worked to maximize the campaign by optimizing keywords, adjusting pacing, and impression capping to extend reach to the target audience. We used Google Analytics to determine the exact goals of the campaigns and a formula for how that number turned into loan applications and closures.


In just four and a half months, we were able to increase their lead generations for loans by 90%. In addition, they were able to close the highest dollar amount in loans in the past seven years. Finally, they achieved a 55% loan approval rate, showing that the quality of candidates we were sending them were perfect candidates for loans.


Lead Generation Increase

Campaign Results

.19% CTR

Website Traffic Success


Conversions (3 Months)

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