Be Where They Are & Be Where They Aren’t

February 13, 2019 | adminProvare

Over the past few years, I’ve often times talked with clients that tell me that they don’t buy SEM (Google Ads) for their relevant keywords because their competition doesn’t. So “why spend money in a place where none of my competition does?” My response is always, “That is EXACTLY why you should be buying that space.”

Think about it. How many times do you do a Google search before you make a purchase? I’m sure it’s quite often and I’m sure hearing the statistic that the average person Google searches something three to four times a day doesn’t shock you. So if you are not shocked by that statistic, why in the world would you not be buying Google Ads? Let your competition sit back and miss out every time someone searches for “restaurants near me” or if you live anywhere near where I live, “snowblowers for sale near me.”

If you are not buying keywords for your business in 2019, you are missing the boat. You are missing the average person multiple times per day. You are missing someone at the bottom of the purchase funnel who is ready to buy NOW. If your competition isn’t buying that space, your cost per click is lower and your return is that much higher.

OK. So what about a category of business that is being bought by multiple competitors? You need to be there as well. Don’t sit back and let your competition take all of those customers without putting up a fight. Even if you are competing against larger, more nationally-known brands, you can still compete for some of those clicks and calls. *In a recent study, nearly 40% of the baby-boomer generation is more likely to click on a local ad they recognize than someone they are unfamiliar with. That is a statistic that will translate well in the coming years as shoppers age.

Obviously in this scenario, cost per clicks can be expensive, so you might need to find a way to fight against those competitors with alternative keywords. Maybe buying “hotels near me” is too daunting because of the likes of Travelocity and Expedia, and probably three other national booking sites. So, try something different that still is relevant to what you offer that maybe others don’t. Try “pet friendly hotels” or “hotels along the river.” Now, I would advise that these are more niche keyword searches, but it’s a way for you to potentially grab some clients that see that specific offer that speaks directly to them.

Long story short, as a business owner in today’s truly cutthroat online marketing world, you have to know your customer and know how they are finding you. BE FOUND!

*Clutch: 2019 Search Engine Marketing Survey. pt. 2

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